Aniston 4 months // Northwest Iowa Baby Photographer

Beautiful Aniston is already four months old! Time flies! She did so great for her milestone session! Her mom was a little nervous since Ani was crying when they arrived but I'm convinced she loves the camera! We got her in this adorable little outfit from the studio closet and she was FULL of smiles and personality! She even rocked some tummy time! Also, how stinkin' cute is that curl up front?! See you again in a few months Aniston! 

baby girl laying on knit layer
baby girl on knit layer smiling
baby girl laying on barnwood backdrop with headband
baby girl laying on her back
baby girl doing tummy time on knit layer
baby girl doing tummy time with curly hair

Those lips! So cute!

baby girl laying on tummy with bow
baby aniston with a smile and curl in her hair